The Audience

Metropolitan RoomFrontArrivingMerete and DenaJette, Thomas, Merete and BobChecking inThe LobbyWhat Talent!Marissa, lindsey, ? and ?Russ and JoannePat and DavidEddie,Sally, Leslie and MaddieElizabeth and RussLauren and CaroleEddie,Sally, Leslie and MaddieJoe & ClaireJanie and TessieCI and LauraCI and MereteDick and MaddieHenrik, Bob, Michael and CIJan, Kik, Mary, Dorothy and MikeNick and JohnRandiTessie and NickThe CrowdCI and LauraCI and MaryannJoanne & FranKT, CI and JudyHenrik, Bob, Michael and CIJoe and ?KT, CI and JudySettling inBernie and JoanneTessie and NickAlmost readyPat, Rikki and MaryRandi and EricCI, Merete and NancyKTCI, Merete and NancyWaiting for the ShowRikki, Nancy, Jerry and PeterJen and JohnGood FriendsRandi and EricLove these guysPat, David and JudyHappinessJoelMerete, Nancy and RussSpencer and SarahSpencer and SarahMary and JustinMichael, Henrik and SpencerRuss, Janie & EricJen and JohnCandy and SusanGretel, Celia, Scarlett and GrandmaEric and RussSettling inCI and Bob ZEric and ClaireJoe and ClaireHanne and MichaelDenaRikki, John and NickNick and JohnDena and Lena?Percy and TessieBobbie and JoelJoelConnie and CharlotteMichael and SpencerLeslie and TomLesliePascal and LeslieNaya and PascalNayaNaya and PascalPascal, Bob and LeslieMereteMerete and MaryannEric and JoanneCandy and SusanJan, Kik, Anette and JetteJetteAnette and JetteJustin and MaryJustin, Dorothy, Mary and MikeSally, McKensie, Maddie and LeslieEddie and SallyDick and LeslieBarb and LauraFay, Barb and LauraNedPaul, Ned and GreggGlobal ActionJavier, Christina, Geraldine, Sylvie and PamGlobal ActionRuss and ?Russ and TessieRuss and TessieCI and TessieBob and RussJoanne and RussJoanne and JanieGretel and CeliaAnette and JetteJan, Kik, Anette and ThomasBob, Grethel, Scarlett and CIMichael, Henrik and SpencerMichael, Henrik and SpencerTessie and NickJoanne and CIBob, CI and the GirlsChristelThanks Bernie!




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